I’m a student attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I love printmaking and design. I specialize in offset and screen printing. My work deal with cell like forms, color, organic and geometric shapes, and layering. These things interest me because I am interested in the dialogue they start between artist and viewer. Rarely do I start with a fully realized and conceived idea. I problem solve, and sometimes the work becomes about the problem, and through constant layering of form and critique an answer emerges. I enjoy working with multiples, print in my opinion is one of the most fulling mediums because “you can have your cake and eat it too” as my old high school teacher used to say. When working with multiples I have the liberty of distribution, and the freedom to experiment without fear of ruining a piece. Offset id particularly exciting. Most people don’t realize the art making potential of the offset press, its often associated with commercialized printing which has connotations of gross mass production on cheap stock. It is not seen at a tool to make fine art. I of course disagree with this notion and am proving it with the work I produce. My prints have a certain graphic quality most likely because of my design background and frankly because I love and am influenced my design as well. This quality is often emphasized by the color schemes I choose to use. I use dozens of colors in a single print which are multiplied because of color mixing. I often connect color with images I have seen before or a sensory experience. The complexity of cell forms interests me greatly, I’m currently investigating cell forms through research and drawing. The patterning on these organisms is fascinating, when I draw a form I’m often inspired to use repetition to create a pattern, which incites a visual language or signs or symbols. The way cell forms are so organic yet geometric at the same time is amazing. Using the offset press allows me to make as many prints as I deem necessary for that particular piece. I usually average 100-300 prints per piece. I’d like to think that my print work is worked on singularly but they all have some sort of connection and reference back to each other. Nothing else in life gives me the satisfaction that communication and solving a visual problem through design and printmaking does. I hope to continue it once I graduate from the Art Institute, and connect not only with other printmakers, but other offset pressmen, painters, designers, writers etc.